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Charsou Cineplex to Open in Nowruz

Charsou Cineplex to Open in NowruzCharsou Cineplex to Open in Nowruz

The inauguration of the main hall of Charsou Cineplex located at the intersection of Jomhoori and Hafez Streets in central Tehran coincided with the commencement of the 33rd International Fajr Film Festival.

The cineplex located in a shopping complex provides accessibility not only to cinema halls, but also to shops and entertainment places in a downtown neighborhood, ISNA reported.

It has five cinema halls with a total capacity of 900 seats. All halls are equipped with the latest audio-visual technologies for 3D projection and digital cinema systems. The other four halls will be opened to the public from the beginning of the Iranian New Year (starting March 21).   

 “Covering 68,000 square meters, the complex has six floors with 330 shops,” said the project manager, adding that it was constructed in 40 months.

Restaurants, coffee shops, and playground for children are among other facilities provided at the complex, Mohayerodin Sanei said.


The complex also has a ‘cultural lobby’ of 3,000 sq meters and halls devoted to painting galleries, photography and short films, he pointed out, adding that “one of the halls will be allocated to play reading.” The huge parking lot has a capacity for 1,000 cars.

The name ‘Charsou’ given to the complex is derived from the name of the ancient bazaar “Char-sough” or having four directions, and is consistent with the location of the complex i.e. at the intersection of two streets (thus having four directions or ‘sou’s).

Charsou is also inspired by the architectural style used in the building complex, which is cubic in shape. Arabesque designs used in the architecture give a pure Iranian style to a modern structure.