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Over 10m Expected to Join World Hijab Day

Over 10m Expected  to Join World Hijab Day Over 10m Expected  to Join World Hijab Day

Excited by the past two-year success of the event, the ‘World Hijab Day’ (WHD) organizers expect the participation of over 10 million Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide to join on February 1, to express solidarity with those wearing the Hijab, experience what the Hijab is all about and reject discrimination based on religion and lifestyle.

“Our mission is to have 10 million participants on February 1, worldwide, Insha’Allah! The event is being organized since the last two years for ‘better awareness’, ‘greater understanding’ and a ‘peaceful world’, and to foster global religious tolerance through Hijab awareness”, the organizers said in a statement posted on Facebook.

“On this day, we ask non-Muslim and non-Hijab Muslim women worldwide to observe Hijab for a day. It will be a day for everyone willing to experience what it’s like to step inside the shoes of a Hijabi. Our hopes are no less than that. We wish you will gain a wealth of knowledge and experience a slightly different definition of freedom,” WHD organizers say.

Hijab generally refers to clothing such as the veil and the headscarf, worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty, but Muslim men also observe similar standards through modest dress.


The brainchild of this movement is a New York resident, Nazma Khan, who came up with the idea as a means to foster religious tolerance and understanding by inviting women (non-Hijabi Muslims/non-Muslims) to experience the Hijab for one day.

For many people, the Hijab is a symbol of oppression and segregation. By opening up new pathways to understanding, Nazma hopes to counteract some of the controversies surrounding why Muslim women choose to wear the Hijab.

From America, Canada, Australia, Brunei and United Kingdom to India, Gambia, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa and Trinidad and Tobago, preparations are on everywhere by the WHD volunteers to reach the target.

The WHD Facebook page is already abuzz with posts by Muslims and non-Muslims from different parts of the world who want to share their Hijab experience with others.