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Egypt Encyclopedia of Moral Virtues

Egypt Encyclopedia of Moral VirtuesEgypt Encyclopedia of Moral Virtues

Egypt’s ministry of Awqaf, which is in charge of religious endowments, says that an encyclopedia of moral virtues beginning with Nabawi Seerah (life of the Holy Prophet of Islam) will be compiled.

A statement said the ministry’s Religious Affairs Department is working on the project, IQNA reported.

The department has assigned the general office for research studies to cooperate with ‘Nabawi Seerah and Sunnah’ central office, which is affiliated to the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, in compiling the encyclopedia.

The compilation of the work should begin as soon as possible and its first volume is expected to be completed in two months, the statement added.

The first chapter of the encyclopedia will be on the moral virtues in the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).