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Innovative Artist Knits Magic With Fingers

Innovative Artist Knits Magic With FingersInnovative Artist Knits Magic With Fingers

A creative woman artist has invented a method for knitting with her fingers, without using knitting needles.

Rana Zinsaz, 61, can knit with all types of fiber/thread, from silk to yarn and cotton and even plastic ribbons, “anything that is in her hand,” ISNA reported.

“She is a professional in crochet techniques and the two-needle cast-on technique,” says the report. She discovered the art of knitting with her fingers instead of needles in childhood.

She regularly checks the leading websites in the field of knitting, to be updated about the latest events and techniques in the art. “Although it is said that in some parts of the world it is customary to use fingers for knitting, I know of nobody else who does exactly as I do,” she says.

Zinsaz creates the designs herself and the “mergers” are all her own inventions.

Having a passion for knitting, Zinsaz is also eager to teach her unusual technique to others “free of charge”. She says she does not look at her art as a profession to raise income but “just enjoys it when others can knit anything using her technique.”


Zinsaz is especially fond of encouraging kids to learn her technique, as she thinks “using needles can be dangerous for children; however, it is safe to use their fingers.” The artist also visits schools to teach pupils how to knit in the programs assigned under performing arts.  

Her pupils include small kids 8 years old to 50-year old adults, including men. She is so passionate about teaching her technique, that some pupils even call her “Ms Knitter”.

Children have an enthusiasm for knitting with their bare hands, said Zinsaz, and added that “they do not like to leave after the class is over.” Even elders have become interested in learning the new method as a hobby in their leisure time.


One of Zinsaz’s students told ISNA she never imagined it would be possible to knit something without using knitting needles; however after learning the technique she came to understand “it was so easy.”

“Now I am motivated to knit my own clothes,” she said, adding that the activity helps her feel useful as she is creating an artistic work, besides helping “to free her mind of annoying thoughts.” She said sometimes when she knits in public places like on a bus people are simply amazed at what she does.

“Besides teaching arts, Zinsaz also teaches good traits like patience as well as other virtues,” she noted.