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Iran-Italy Joint Play in Fajr Theater Festival

Iran-Italy Joint Play in Fajr Theater FestivalIran-Italy Joint Play in Fajr Theater Festival

‘Human Farm’, a coproduction of Iran’s Center for the Performing Arts and Sala Uno Theatre Company of Italy is being staged at the 33rd Fajr International Theater Festival.

Written and directed by Iranian Ali Shams, “the production deals with the lineage of the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed, showing how humans show contrasting behavior with a change in situation,” Shams said.

The play was first performed on the fourth night of the festival, Honaronline reported quoting the PR office of the Fajr Theater Festival.

The director said the play “is an effort to examine a big event on a small scale, as this way it can be better analyzed and understood.”

There are two Italian and one Iranian-Italian actors and the performance is in Italian language; however, the theme is based on Shams’s personal experience of living in Iran.

  Close Connections

The reason for using Italian language in the play is “purely technical” and there is no intention to focus on Italian culture or anthropology, Shams said.

On cooperating with Sala Uno, he said he had close connections with the company since he has held several performances in Italy. The company was also interested in staging a performance in Iran.

Thus, when the Center for the Performing Arts submitted a proposal for a joint production, Shams said he suggested Sala Uno, and that “is how the cooperation was shaped.”

The Fajr International Theater Festival which first commenced in 1983 takes place annually in Iran, featuring local and international theatrical works and performers. The 33rd festival under the directorship of Ardeshir Salehpour opened on January 21 and will conclude on February 1.