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National Exhibition of ‘Kids’ World’ in Tehran

National Exhibition of ‘Kids’ World’ in TehranNational Exhibition of ‘Kids’ World’ in Tehran

The national exhibition of ‘Kids’ World’ opened on Tuesday (Jan 27), at the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA), on Hijab Street in Tehran.

The four-day exhibition showcases products and services of the most famous and reputed local companies in six categories: toys, educational and books, intelligence and creativity, health and safety, baby room decoration, and layettes, MNA reported.

Tens of local manufacturers and service providers are presenting their latest products and services including toys and dolls, educational equipment and facilities like puzzles and board games, bedroom furniture for babies and children, dietary supplements, prams, books and magazines, decorative and ornamental items for parties and celebrations, and sports equipment like scooters, skates, balls, etc.

The main objectives of the exhibition are to pay special attention to issues of welfare and health care for babies and children, improve competition between manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services in this field, concentrate on local production and exchange of experiences between producers and suppliers of services in the area, introduce effective toys for physical and intellectual development of children, and familiarize toy manufacturers with the needs of target groups.


Some stalls at the exhibition provide mothers with the necessary information from the prenatal stage till the birth of their babies. Other special stalls have been set up to examine children and infants free of charge which include physical examinations, eye exams, and intelligence tests.

A number of workshops have also been organized on the subject of promoting the culture of judicious use of water, gas, and electricity as well as waste separation for children.

Organizers of the exhibition have tried to create a space full of games and fun for Iranian children, and to showcase the best products and services in the field for parents.

The exhibition will conclude on Friday January 30.