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Businesses Still Prefer Face-to-Face Meetings

Businesses Still Prefer Face-to-Face MeetingsBusinesses Still Prefer Face-to-Face Meetings

Business professionals today still prefer face-to-face meetings despite living in a digital age, said a recent global study by Hilton Worldwide.

According to the survey, more than two-thirds of surveyed professionals, ranging from millennials to age 65+, overwhelmingly prefer meeting in-person over any other collaboration method, TradeArabia reported.

The study, which polled business professionals across the US, UK and China, uncovered the value of face-to-face interactions and specifically the role of coffee and tea in productive meetings.

 Wired up world: While Americans are well-known for their coffee enthusiasm, surprisingly, the UK and China value their kick-start beverages more in the business world. More professionals in the UK (61%) and China (58%) agree that the most successful meetings happen over coffee and tea–compared to their counterparts in the US (44%).

 Sipping on success: 68% of professionals in the UK and more than half of Chinese respondents (59%) say that coffee and tea are important to contributing to a successful in-person meeting.

 Brewed to perfection: Chinese professionals and US millennials value the quality of coffee and tea. 54% of Chinese and 51% of millennials say that if it is going to be served in a meeting, then it must be high quality.

 Coffee dates: More than half of Chinese respondents (53%) say that the best way to connect with a colleague or professional contact is over coffee and tea.

 City sips: 71% of city dwellers in the US say coffee is important to successful meetings. “The most impactful events involve face-to-face interactions that allow individuals to connect on a personal level,” said Andrew Flack, vice president, global marketing, Hilton Worldwide. “It’s interesting to see that, throughout the world, while we differ subtly in how we conduct meetings, we agree on the value of collaboration–which is often fuelled by coffee or tea. We’re excited to provide our meeting professional partners an opportunity to deliver the necessary elements to drive impactful meetings and great experiences for attendees.”