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UK Companies Stand to Lose

UK Companies Stand to LoseUK Companies Stand to Lose

The most senior voice of British business has blasted the government’s performance on the “green economy”, warning that UK companies will lose out on hundreds of billions of pounds in opportunities for overseas exports if ministers do not reverse direction, NewsNow reported. John Cridland, director general of the Confederation of British Industry, delivered a scathing attack on government moves since the election that have weakened green policies and delivered “mixed messages” to companies seeking to capitalize on the UK’s previous prowess on green business. Cridland will tell a major business conference on climate change: “Today’s investors are more uncertain about the UK’s low-carbon future. From the roll-back of renewables to the mixed messages on energy efficiency, these changes (by the government since coming to power) send a worrying signal about the UK as a place for low-carbon investment.” Citing the export opportunities of the green economy, he made clear that the lost opportunities would amount to hundreds of billions in overseas sales.