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World GDP ReportWorld GDP Report

The EU hosts just over 7% of the world’s population but generates 23.7% of its GDP, according to a Eurostat publication, Yahoo reported. The 2015 edition of EU in the World compares the EU with the 15 non-EU G20 countries. Altogether the members of the G20 covered over 61% of the world’s land area, were home to 64% of the world population and generated 85% of global GDP in 2013. Only China (1.3 billion inhabitants, or 19.1%) and India (1.25 billion, or 17.6%) were more populous. While accounting for 7.1% of the world population, the EU generated in 2013 almost a quarter of the world GDP. The US (22.2%), China (12.1%) and Japan (6.5%) had also a significant weight in world GDP. As regards public finances, the highest ratio of general government debt to GDP in 2013 among G20 members was registered by Japan (243.2%), well ahead of the US (104.2%), Canada (88.8%) and the EU (85.4%).