Ornamental Fish Town in Mahallat

Ornamental Fish Town in MahallatOrnamental Fish Town in Mahallat

An amount of $1.8 million was allocated for the construction of the country’s “biggest ornamental fish town” in Mahallat city, Markazi Province, at a recent meeting attended by the provincial governor and fisheries officials.

About 90% of ornamental fish is produced in Mahallat and it ranks first in terms of ornamental fish diversity, IRNA quoted Governor Mahmoud Zamani Qomi, as saying.

The project was approved in 2009, but due to the lack of funds its implementation was postponed, said Mahdi Rezaee, head of Mahallat’s National Research Center of Ornamental Fish.

“We are planning to produce 10 million ornamental fish in 21 breeding pools spread over 17 hectares each year, which can help create jobs for more than 200 individuals,” Zamani Qomi said.