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‘Growth’ in Armenia Mime Festival

‘Growth’ in Armenia Mime Festival‘Growth’ in Armenia Mime Festival

A physical theater show, ‘Growth’, directed by Nazanin Valajam will participate in the 4th International Mime Festival, slated for August 10 to 15 in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia.

A production of ‘Aura’ Theater Group, the 35-minute pantomime “is a voiceless portrayal of the concepts, growth and perfection in the framework of Iranian culture,” Honaronline quoted Valajam as saying.

“Human beings strive for progress and perfection during their lifetime. In Iranian culture, this progress is associated with light, a component we have used a lot in the performance,” she said, adding that the motions and acts are designed and defined vis-à-vis the white light.

“The acts are inspired from religious beliefs rooted in Iranian culture. The motions symbolize creation and perfection through the divine light columns connecting the skies to the ground.”

There are only two characters in the show.

Director of the Iranian unit at the festival and theater artist Albert Bigjanian, said it would be Iran’s solo representative at the professional but non-competitive event.

Pantomime is the most difficult and unique genre of dramatic art.

According to the festival’s website, the goal of the festival is to make widely available the best practices of global pantomime. Its objective is to create cooperation between the world’s theatrical, cultural and travel organizations as well as to apply for international theatrical processes membership.