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Jalali’s ‘Rana’ on Gilan Tour

Jalali’s ‘Rana’ on Gilan TourJalali’s ‘Rana’ on Gilan Tour

Theatre director and playwright, Alireza Koushk Jalali, staged ‘Rana’ at Langarud County in Gilan Province (Dec. 22-28), during his tour.

The story is inspired by Gilan’s traditional lifestyle, portraying a young girl who is in love with ‘Hadi’, a young boy. In the story, she faces harsh and tragic situations, but takes over the difficulties with patience and insistence on her love, Mehr News Agency reported.

The play is sweetened with folklore music and songs.

Mehraneh Behnahad, Vahid Fakhr Mousavi, Tara Qaseminejad, Arshad Amir Eskandari, Fariborz Saraei, Amir Qasem Vatankhah, Mojtaba Moeiri Nia, Borna Ahmad Nejad and Mehdi Mohammadpour are among the big troupe.

Bandar-e-Anzali was the second venue, which hosted the show from Dec. 31, 2015 to January 4 at the city’s organization of Culture and Islamic Guidance’s theater hall.

Rasht will be the next city to host the play for a weeklong performance from Jan. 9-16, said Jalali. “The troupe has also been invited to foreign countries and other cities in Iran including Tehran, Tabriz and Mashhad to perform in near future,” he said in his facebook page.

Jalali, 57, is a member of the directors’ club in Iran and Germany. He is also an author and his works are mostly featured in German. He has directed over 43 plays in Germany and 17 in Iran, bagging numerous prizes in directing and script writing at international theater festivals.

He has also directed ‘The Last of the Ardent Lover’, ‘Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran’ (Dortmund), ‘Children’s Opera’, among others.