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Lorestani’s ‘Last Supper’ on Stage

Lorestani’s ‘Last Supper’ on StageLorestani’s ‘Last Supper’ on Stage

The comedy ‘Last Supper’, directed by Aref Lorestani, renowned TV comedian, is on stage at Kourosh Theatre Hall in Tehran.

Written by Farhad Ayish, actor and playwright, the story criticizes Iranian culture and society in a comical and absurd way, Mehr News Agency reports.

The story is set around a dinner table where eight guests from different ages and classes, “stereotypes in the Iranian society,” are gathered. Throughout the night, the guests clash in terms of their interests and ideologies. Half way through dinner there is an unexpected and mysterious guest who later reveals his identity as ‘death’. This affects the social interaction.

“The play is a comedy,” Lorestani said, adding: “This is my first professional experience as a director. I read a lot of plays among which I chose ‘Last Supper’, an attractive comedy that is different from freestyle theatre performances.”

The cast includes Amirsoleymani’s family, Sepand, Kamand and their father Saeed, along with Ali Owji, Mandana Souri and Suzan Azizi.

In 2012, Ayish’s comedy directed by Naeim Jebelli, was staged at Montreal University in Canada.

Born in Kermanshah Province, Lorestani, 44, is a renowned TV actor, who began his career with ‘Show 77’. He joined theatre at a young age and later entered cinema.

He is known for his roles in Mehran Modiri’s comic series ‘In the Margins’ (2015), ‘I’m Just Kidding’ (2014), ‘My Villa’ (2012), ‘Bitter Coffee’ (2010) and ‘Man of Many Many Faces’ (2009).

The play will run through September end.