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Iranian Artists in Istanbul Fair

Iranian Artists in Istanbul FairIranian Artists in Istanbul Fair

Seven Iranian artists will showcase their latest works at the 3rd ARTINTERNATIONAL Istanbul 2015, under the auspices of Assar Art Gallery.

The international director of the gallery, Maryam Majd, said the group, including painters Reza Azimian, Ahmad Morshedloo and Iman Afsarian, Mojtaba Tajik, hyperrealist painter and Mohammad Hossein Emad, sculptor, will represent Iran at the event.

Four paintings and a wooden sculpture by the Iranian group along with a collection of paintings, photos and mirror works by Samira Alikhanzadeh, mixed-media artist will be displayed in Iran’s stall, Mehr News Agency reported.

In addition, three video arts by Payam Mofidi, painter, video artist and an animation filmmaker, will be showcased in the festival’s video art section.

This year’s edition is the second time Iran is participating, Majd said, adding that “it will introduce Iranian art to the world.” The upcoming event will see the presence of credible international curators, “so it can be promising for our art.”

Drawing on its unique geographical location as a gateway between ‘East’ and ‘West’, Istanbul is fast becoming a cultural bridge in the global art world. The fair also enables visitors to experience the rich cultural history of Turkey’s most populous city alongside the flourishing local contemporary art scene.

Leading international and local galleries will come together to the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul from September 4-6, with a private collectors preview on September 4.