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‘Persia to Iran’ Travelogue in Australia

‘Persia to Iran’ Travelogue  in Australia‘Persia to Iran’ Travelogue  in Australia

A travelogue ‘Persia to Iran’ by Armenian-origin artist and photographer Nuran Zorlu, has been published by the Iranian Embassy in Australia.

The book describes visits to ancient sites and various spectacular regions of Iran. It contains interesting topics that makes readers curious about Iran and the impulse to visit, IBNA reported.

Seen as a useful travel guide to attract tourists to the country, the book is registered at the National Library of Australia. It is also on bookshelves in Australia and other countries.

The book illustrations take one on a personal journey through time and space as the author traces elements from his cultural background as a Turkish-born Armenian. The two cultures influenced both ancient Persia and modern Iran.

An award-winning photographer, Zorlu weaves together “historical threads, ancient wonders, many of them UNESCO World Heritage Sites, spectacular landscapes, historic cities, vibrant contemporary life and a rich collection of travel experiences into a great work of modern cultural tourism.”

Zorlu, 50, was born in an Armenian family in Istanbul, Turkey. He graduated in philosophy from the University of Istanbul in 1987 and received his master’s degree in photography.

He settled in Australia in 1998 and is now an Australian citizen. A professional photographer, he specializes in capturing ancient monuments and nature.

During his trip to Iran, Zorlu presented his observations in the frame of different photographs from archeological sites and landscapes. He visited many cities including Maku, Jolfa, Tabriz, Urumia, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Hamedan, Qom, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz and Tehran.

His photos have been published in many international magazines including Vogue, Marie Claire, and Harper Bazar.