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  • Market Making Funds to be Established
    The Securities and Exchange Organization has approved applications for setting up 14 new market making funds. 
  • CBI Fines Six Banks
    A deputy governor of the Central Bank of Iran said six banks that defied the regulations of Money and Credit Council have been fined so far,
  • Currency Market in Limbo
    The central bank wants to unify Iran's foreign exchange rate regime, yet economic and political uncertainty coupled with the bank's diminished foreign currency reserves have weakened its influence
  • Stocks Stuck in Free-Fall
    Due to the sanctions, Iranian industries are grappling with financial problems and, on the whole, the capital market is suffering from illiquidity.
  • Anzali: Iran's New Exchange Platform
    Iran Mercantile Exchange trading floor has been inaugurated in Anzali Free Industrial Zone.
  • Small Industries Still Favored by TSE Traders
    Tehran Stock Exchange closed at 72,121 points last week, down 2 percent from the opening day of the week.
  • TEDPIX Downward Trend
    Tehran Stock Exchange main index (TEDPIX) has plunged 6,894 points since the beginning of the current Iranian year 
  • Earning Forecast Up for 14 TSE Companies
    The earning forecast for 14 industrial companies increased by 6.12 trillion rials at the end of the Iranian month of Mordad (August 22) compared with the same time last year,
  • Huge Energy Consumption in Mines
    The Statistical Center of Iran has published a report showing the amount of energy carriers and the number of small-scale generators utilized in the country's active mines.
  • 10m Housing Units Needed by 2022
    Iran's young population representing the majority is confronted with a serious need for housing, and action is needed to meet the increasing demand of low-income groups.
  • A branch of Tose'e Ta'avon Bank
    The Cooperative Development Bank (Tose'e Ta'avon Bank) has granted 6 trillion rials loan facilities during five months since the beginning of this Iranian year (starting March 21, 2014).
  • Mehr Project Infrastructure Poor
    The controversial housing project known as Maskan-e Mehr or Mehr Housing Program suffers from poor urban infrastructure, utilities and services,
  • Water Shortage Biting Agribusiness
    Iran's agribusiness faces a severe water shortage problem, so it's necessary to preserve its existing water resources to meet food demand
  • GDP Growth to Reach 2% by March
    President Hassan Rouhani's chief of staff has said the economy will reach the growth target of two percent by the end of this fiscal year