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Dubai Workers Unpaid Since Dec.

Dubai  Workers Unpaid  Since Dec.Dubai  Workers Unpaid  Since Dec.

Dubai’s Ministry of Labor has ordered a security firm to pay striking workers their overdue salaries, according to local media, Arabian Business reported. Around 600 staff at an unnamed company in Al Quoz allege they have not been paid since December and this month went on strike demanding action. Two hundred of those staff have reportedly returned to work but many are refusing to go back until they receive their dues. As of Thursday, the firm had allegedly paid January’s and half of February’s wages, but claims it has struggled to get clients to pay up, causing difficulties. Many striking workers have reportedly asked for their final salaries and passports returned so they can fly back to their home countries. Strike action by the workers on May 12 culminated in police being called in and prompted Dubai’s Ministry of Labor to step in to try to resolve the dispute. Most of the employees earn AED1,750 ($476) to AED2,000 ($544) guarding hotels, offices and hospitals, it was said.