Veresk Bridge Safe

Veresk Bridge SafeVeresk Bridge Safe

Three specialized teams conducted a technical inspection of the 77 year-old Veresk Railway Bridge in Mazandaran Province, ISNA quoted Youssef Geran-Pasha, general manager of Iran’s Northern Railway as saying.

The teams comprised experts from Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) and Iranian Railway Research Centre (IRRC). Examining the bridge’s foundation and construction strength as well as seismic evaluation took five days. The structural safety of the railway bridge was reconfirmed by running a 120-ton diesel train and two 80-ton load-bearing wagons on the track.

 The country’s second highest railway arch bridge (at a height of 110 meters above the valley below), Veresk was built in 1936. The bridge connects the railway between Tehran and the Caspian Sea region. It is located in Mazandaran’s Veresk district of Savad Kooh county, 85 km south of Ghaemshahr and connects two of the mountains in the Abbas Abad region.