Matchmaking Center

Matchmaking CenterMatchmaking Center

The first matchmaking and marriage counseling center “Peyvand” (literally, bonding) was inaugurated on Sunday.  The center will offer services in counseling and matchmaking and hold workshops, present articles on marriage, besides counseling on hotlines. It is located south of Sarv Square in Tehran’s Sa’adatabad locality, Mehr News Agency reported.

It was established to help address the problem of the increasing number of single youth in the country. Currently, there are 11 million singles and a number of reasons, including “incompatibility, not meeting the right person and financial problems,” are cited as reasons for staying unmarried or delaying matrimony. “Peyvand” will help single people meet and interact within the ethical and religious values of the country, and promote the culture of marriage.

Deputy minister of justice Seyed Ahmad Gha’emi, will head the center.