Population to Reach 92m by 2050

Population to Reach 92m by 2050Population to Reach 92m by 2050

Iran’s population of 79 million will keep growing until 2050 and is projected to reach 92.2 million by 2050, after which it will face a declining trend. It will stabilize at 70 million by the turn of the next century, according to a UN study.

The study indicates that the ratio of men to women in Iran is 101 men for every 100 women. Women’s population is 600,000 less than that of men, Khabaronline reports.

Iran is among the countries with low rates of fertility. The UN study shows Iran, America, Brazil, Japan, China and 79 other countries had low rate of fertility between 2010 and 2015. Together, they comprise 46% of the world’s population.