Smart Cameras for Police Cars

Smart Cameras for Police CarsSmart Cameras for Police Cars

The increasing rate of traffic violations in Tehran has forced the police to launch a new plan to record offenses without hassles.

There are two types of traffic violations: moving and stationary. The latter include parallel parking, parking or halting at “no parking” signs and halting or parking at a bus-stop, ISNA reported.

Given that the current smart cameras to control traffic can’t capture stationary violations, “we have decided to equip police cars with cameras to record traffic violations,” said Tehran Traffic Police Chief Teymour Hosseini.

He expressed hope that the plan would come into force by the end of the current Iranian year (started March 21).

Smart cameras have been installed on some police cars patrolling the streets and the cameras will capture violations and penalize offenders.

“Our policy is to increase the use of electronic surveillance in traffic movement and control.”

The police cars will patrol the entire capital, but given the higher traffic density in central districts, more smart-camera equipped police vehicles will be allocated there.