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Japanese Firm to Build WtE Plant in Tehran

Japanese Firm to Build WtE Plant in TehranJapanese Firm to Build WtE Plant in Tehran

Japan-based JFE Engineering will lay the groundwork in Iran for the commercialization of waste-to-energy plants, which generate electricity from the heat produced by the incineration of garbage.

The JFE Holdings unit will conduct a feasibility study on behalf of the Japan External Trade Organization for a large-scale plant in Tehran that can process 1,000 tons of municipal waste per day, reported.

The goal of the study that starts in September and runs through March is to select partners among Iranian engineering and construction companies, find sources for material procurement and calculate how much money and time it will take to build the plant.

Once the study is completed, JFE Engineering will work with JETRO and others to lobby the Iranian national government and the local government to build the plant.

The company may also try to win the contract to operate and maintain the facilities.

Most garbage in Iran is now buried. But with a growing population and an economy poised to take off now that sanctions have been lifted, the country will need to deal with a rising mountain of waste.

JFE Engineering has built waste-to-energy plants in China and Southeast Asia, but none yet in the Middle East.