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Khuzestanis Locked Indoors by Blistering Heat

Khuzestanis Locked Indoors by Blistering HeatKhuzestanis Locked Indoors by Blistering Heat

Residents of Khuzestan Province, especially in its central city Ahvaz, were forced to remain indoors on Friday, as the mercury sizzled its way to 60 degrees Celsius.

Located in southwestern Iran, Khuzestan typically experiences unusually high temperatures in the summer, but the blistering heat on Friday was said to be the highest on record.

To make matters worse, residents of the southern province, not too far from the Persian Gulf, had to endure as much as 90% humidity, according to Kourosh Bahadori, the head of the provincial meteorological organization.

He assured that “the temperatures will begin to drop in a few days” which, however, could still hover around 49° C.

While thermometers held under the sun showed temperatures exceeding 60° C, stationary temperatures in the shade set two meters above ground showed Ahvaz’s temperature to fluctuate between 50° and 52° C.

According to meteorologists at, parts of the Middle East, including Khuzestan, experienced scorching temperatures on Thursday.

Basra and Baghdad in Iraq recorded 53° and 51° C respectively, while the mercury in Kuwait City, Kuwait, also showed 51° C. Ahvaz, according to the website, recorded 50° C.