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Isfahan Carpet Exports

Isfahan Carpet ExportsIsfahan Carpet Exports

The central Isfahan Province exported $182 million worth of carpets in the past Iranian calendar year (ended March 20), registering an 18 percent increase in the export of machine-made carpet and an 8 percent rise in hand-woven carpets compared to a year before, IRNA quoted director general of Isfahan’s Customs Office, Asadollah Ahmadi, as saying on Sunday. The exports included 17,700 metric tons of machine-made carpets worth $161 million as well as 1,000 metric tons of hand-woven carpets worth $21 million There are 289,000 carpet weavers in Isfahan. Najaf Abad, Falavarjan, Shahreza, Golpayegan, Naeen, Natanz, Faridan, Samirom, Kashan and Khansar are the main carpet producing cities in the province.