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IME Sunday Report

IME Sunday ReportIME Sunday Report

Five local suppliers offered about 39,000 tons of vacuum bottom on Iran Mercantile Exchange’s oil and petrochemical trading floor on Sunday.

As IME reported, Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company, Esfahan Oil Refining Company, Tehran Oil Refining Company, Tabriz Oil Refining Company and Shiraz Oil Refining Company supplied 12,000, 10,000, 6,000, 7,000 and 4,000 tons of vacuum bottoms respectively.

The floor also played host to 55,800 tons of bitumen, 23,000 tons of lube-cut oil, 2,460 tons of petrochemicals and 4,800 tons of sulfur.

The export trading floor witnessed a sluggish trading day as only 6,410 tons of various grades of bitumen along with 2,000 tons of sulfur lumps were filed for export purposes.

National Iranian Copper Industries Company offered 4,000 tons of copper cathode at the base price of 181,905 rials per kg, 3,500 tons of copper wire priced at 188,905 rials per kg, 20,000 tons of low-graded copper, 200 tons of sulfur and 12 tons of precious metals concentrates on the industrial and mining trading floor.

The floor also recorded the offering of 270 tons of copper wire by World Copper Company at the base price of 189,455 rials per kg and 3,000 tons of aluminum ingots of 99.75-percent purity by Hormozgan Aluminum Complex at the base price of 63,610 rials per kg. Esfahan Steel Company offered 1,760 tons of rebar bundles.

The agricultural trading floor played host to 11,000 tons of white sugar, 4,000 tons of durum wheat, 2,090 tons of corn and 1,000 tons of imported rice.

Islamic Republic of Iran Railways offered 600 tons of scrap metals, 40 tons of dilapidated wooden sleepers and 4.9 tons of empty barrels on IME’s secondary market.

Overall, close to 187,000 tons of commodities were offered on IME’s spot and secondary markets.