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Exhibit on ‘Iran Through the Eyes of Homa’

Exhibit on ‘Iran Through the Eyes of Homa’Exhibit on ‘Iran Through the Eyes of Homa’

From 1976 to 1978, Swiss journalist and pioneer aerial photographer Georg Gerster, 87, flew several times over Iran and explored it from the perspective of the bird’s eye.

Now, after four decades, for the first time in Iran, Gerster displays the aerial views resulting from his flights in an exhibition at Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Center. He has organized the event in cooperation with Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation, Honaronline reported.

The exhibition is titled ‘Iran Through the Eyes of Homa’ in reference to Homa, a mythical bird of Ancient Persia’s, known for its keen vision.

The show, featuring 133 rare aerial images, opens on September 16. The opening ceremony will be attended by artists, journalists and Tehran-based   diplomats.

Gerster is in Iran, with two of his students preparing for the event . “Back in Iran after 40 years, I should say everything is changed. This came to my attention from the moment the plane entered Iran’s airspace…Iran calls up many of my good memories. I know this charming land well.”

The exhibit will run through October 1. Gerster dedicates the exhibition to Iran in recognition of the country’s generous support.  Over the coming years the exhibit will tour all major cities in Iran.

An earlier exhibition of Gerster’s images of the 1970s Iran was held in London. It was titled Paradise Lost: Persia from Above, held in 2011.

Gerster explains how he came to undertake such a perilous and rewarding photographic journey: “A gift such as this comes only once in a lifetime.”