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Auction of Calligraphy Masterpieces in Tehran

Auction of Calligraphy Masterpieces in TehranAuction of Calligraphy Masterpieces in Tehran

Calligraphy masterpieces, including those by celebrated Persian calligraphers Mir Emad Hassani (1554-1615), Mirza Gholamreza Esfahani (1830-1886) and Abdolmajid Taleqani alias Darvish (1737-1771) will go under the hammer.

Tarane-Baran Art Gallery, located in Tehran’s northern Pol-Roumi district, is organizing the sale that is titled ‘Baran Auction’. Director of the gallery Mahboubeh Kazemi told Honaronline that the two-day sale will run in one of Tehran’s hotels in less than two weeks.

The auction’s focus is on Iranian-Islamic art, particularly on calligraphy and painting, from the past centuries to contemporary times. “In our selection of items, we have considered current market demand,” Kazemi said. She is still collecting the sale items and “it is not clear yet how many will be put up for the auction.”

This will be the first art-dealing event of its kind. In organizing the auction, cultural, financial and research considerations have been taken into consideration and there are plans to expand the event. “We’re still in the process of collecting information through our research,” Kazemi said.