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Rome Offers Unique Caravaggio Exhibition

Rome Offers Unique Caravaggio ExhibitionRome Offers Unique Caravaggio Exhibition

A powerful and totally original video installation adopts a contemporary approach to the works of art to explore Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio’s artistic career.

Titled ‘Caravaggio Experience’, the unique exhibition is currently underway in Rome while it does not feature a single canvas of the 17th century master.

It features an innovative video installation combined with an original musical score and even fragrances. The aim is to engage visitors on a sensorial and immersive journey into the world of Caravaggio, reported.

“Usually, when you visit an exhibition, you see the paintings or the sculptures together with the information provided by the gallery. Here, instead, the aim is to stimulate visitors, the images are like apparitions, they are like characters entering our space from a far away world,” says art historian Claudio Strinati.

Caravaggio’s (1571-1610) paintings, which combine a realistic observation of the human state, both physical and emotional, with a dramatic use of lighting, had a formative influence on Baroque painting. His technique known as chiaroscuro was to use strong contrasts between light and dark.

Considered the greatest Italian painter of his time, he led a violent, chaotic life and died young at the age of 38.

“Caravaggio painted people and characters. This type of display allows us to focus on the characters, isolating them from the works they are usually associated with. This makes it possible for researchers and students of art history to focus on particular details that one would not always notice when looking at the original art work,” says Strinati.

Featuring a selection of 57 works, Caravaggio Experience runs at Rome’s Palazzo delle Esposizion until July 3rd.