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Surreal Paintings at Tara Gallery in LA

Surreal Paintings at Tara Gallery in LASurreal Paintings at Tara Gallery in LA

An exhibition of paintings by Iranian artist Mohsen Hasanpour is on display at Tara Gallery in Los Angeles.

A total of 10 paintings, ink and acrylic on paper, are presented at the gallery. All works, created in 2015, depict “a surreal atmosphere with both abstract forms and human figures,” Honaronline reported.

Born in Dezful, south of Iran, Hasanpour, 50, holds a master’s degree in art research.

He has illustrated numerous children’s books and taught in universities.

He has attended 15 solo and group exhibitions in Iran showcasing his paintings and illustrations.

Tara Gallery is home to the most fascinating artwork, primarily from Iran.

Homa Taraji, director of the gallery, has been a curator and exhibitor of Iranian art in the US since 2002.