Renowned  Father-Son Duo in Music Album
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Renowned Father-Son Duo in Music Album

Maestro Babak Radmanesh’s first album as a singer ‘Oh Heart’ has been officially released in Iran.
All the nine songs have been composed and arranged by Radmanesh. The lyrics are chosen from among his poems, Cinema Journal reported.
Radmanesh is a multi-talented artist in the areas of music and poetry. Born in Tabriz (Eastern Azarbaijan Province), he studied music at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran University. He has been a musician (traditional and pop), composer, lyricist, poet, teacher, and a singer for over three decades.
He is an expert on and an instructor of Persian instruments tar, setar, santour, barbat (oud), kamancheh, tombak and ney. He also plays the violin, piano and keyboard. He benefited from the teachings of great music masters like violinists Abulhassan Saba and Ali Tajwidi and kamancheh player Asghar Bahari.
He believes music with lyrics should contain a message. Not just any message, but a social or moral message that elevates one’s soul, or a pure message of love.
Radmanesh is an erudite lyricist. His book of poetry ‘Moonlight of Love’ was published in 2009 by the Badragheye Javidan Publications in Tehran. The 191-page book is the result of his decades of professional career in the UK and contains sonnets, odes, quatrains, couplets, other miscellaneous works, and a friendly epilogue.
Iran’s literature and poetry are more prominent internationally than its music as Iran is a land rich in literature and mysticism, he says. “The fragrance of the works of great personalities like Mawlana, Saadi, Hafiz and others, have spread to the literature of many other countries, “so why should our songs be subjected to empty words and void of constructive messages,?” he asks
Radmanesh has to his credit numerous works both in traditional Iranian music and pop genres. He was active as a composer and a musician in the state broadcaster IRIB for ten years. Notable amongst his works is the piece on the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war ‘Pilots’ performed by singer Jamshid. The lyrics are a combination of Farsi and Azeri and written by Radmanesh himself.
Radmanesh’s activities in the UK in the past three decades were mostly teaching, composing and writing lyrics for singers.

  Collaboration With Son
Sami Yusuf is a well-known singer in the world whose fame comes from the religious themes he uses in his songs. The famous Muslim singer, songwriter and composer of Azarbaijani descent, Yusuf, 34, was born in Tehran. He grew up in London and learned the piano, violin, tambourine, tabla, lute, and Persian instruments tar, santur and daf.
However, not many people know that he was born as Siamak Radmanesh. He, in fact, is the son of Babak Radmanesh.
In ‘Oh Heart’, there is a track ‘Dryer Land’ in which father and son have collaborated. A soulful duet, Sami accompanies his father, singing in English.
Yusuf sings in English, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, Azeri and Malay to complement his multi-instrumental art. He has released six albums, which have attracted fans from Egypt, Turkey, Germany, North America, the UK, the UAE, Iran and India.
In his latest album ‘Songs of the Way’, released in January, he was assisted by his father and other Iranian musicians in playing some of the traditional Persian instruments.
He gained widespread fame with his self-produced groundbreaking debut album ‘Al-Muallim’, which sold well over 7 million copies and earned him a massive following in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. His music offers a fresh alternative to the mainstream western music.
Despite being born in Iran and singing in Persian, he has not performed in Iran yet. However, he has held several concerts, including in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

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