The Idea of a Safe Haven

In all fairness it must be said that the region we live in is the most tumultuous in the world. With the trials and tribulations of the Middle East notwithstanding, the turmoil is visibly threatening the flow of oil, and with it global peace and stability.

We also live at a time of omnipresent economic crises, systemic recession(s), and protracted conflicts in the region. Not only are these creating deeper animosity among diametrically opposed global powers, but are exposing open hostilities in and among like-minded members of the world's major economic blocs.

In this crisis-ridden state of affairs in the Middle East, Iran can play a major and effective role in helping restore peace and stability in this part of the world.

Besides the political angle, such a role is and will be premised on Iran's geostrategic proximity both at the regional and international levels.

Huge oil and gas (16% of the world's total) reserves bestow upon Iran tremendous power and influence by virtue of which it can be a force for good in the political/economic developments in the region and beyond. 

Add to this the other outstanding features of our country. Iran is home to the biggest educated population in the region. Another unique feature is that on its southern flank Iran borders the world's most vital and sensitive sea-lane transporting energy to the international markets.

Iran's vast land and population are indeed other strategic factors often referred to by prominent observers and think tanks. In its recent report the Swiss-based World Economic Forum (WEF) said "Iran is among the world's 20 top emerging economies," and its economy is "moving toward stability."

However, what needs mention is that political differences and barriers created by the big powers vis-à-vis Iran, along with the propaganda barrages, have deprived world public opinion of the economic attractions and potentials of this country.

Here lies the question: as all hell breaks loose in the violence-torn and increasingly chaotic Middle East, can foreign businesses really find a country more stable than Iran to invest in? Or for the matter, has the time not come for the impartial world to designate Iran as the region's 'safe investment haven'?

Premised on these core issues, Financial Tribune will seek to reintroduce Iran's unnoticed economic potentials and reemphasize the long-term stability of the country amid the storms now engulfing the region. Needless to say, the focus will be on spreading understanding and awareness, intertwined with confidence-building to facilitate the process of our economic interaction with the outside world.

Financial Tribune will mobilize all its resources to fulfill this duty and in the process set the stage for joint economic collaboration with the comity of nations, underpin national economic prowess, and help restrain national economic vulnerability.

At this newspaper it is our strong conviction that a dynamic and rational interaction between Tehran and the world will benefit regional and international peace and stability. We also believe that offering a real and comprehensive economic portrayal of Iran will go a long way in developing the country, elevating welfare, strengthening national interest and reinforcing national security.

- Khosrow Ghadiri, Editor-in-Chief